Perks & Problems of Self Employment

Perks & Problems of Self Employment

Just for a moment, take yourself, in your mind, back to a time in which you were very unhappy in one your jobs. What pressures did you feel working for someone else?  Initially, most of you will probably say that you feel like you've been pressured to fit in as part of an existing team.  You may have even felt scrutinized, but as you worked to prove your worth, things eased up a little and you began to gain comfort within the office setting.

Some workplace environments can be toxic.  There’s 'water cooler' gossip, people not sharing their load of the work burden, and petty arguments about who left a mess in the lunchroom.  For most people, too much time spent with other people (ie: more than half of your week!) under stressful and generally less-than-joyful conditions, is a recipe for disaster and dis-ease.

The bigger issues could be how much of a raise you’ll get this year (or whether you get one at all), or perhaps how the boss portrays favoritism with certain employees, and maybe even whether or not you get the appreciation you seek from a difficult job well done.

I believe it is safe to say that nearly everyone has endured these types of issues in the workplace.  With self employmnent and working for yourself, all of that disappears.  It is safe to say that for the most part, only you will be judging your work – but don’t think that lets you off the hook because it can be rather natural to be pretty hard on ourselves.

In the initial stages, it is no one but you who will be part of the 'team'. Sounds good at times, but some work at home people find themselves lonely after the first couple of months.  New mothers and stay at home moms can vouch for this feeling.  It will help you so much to have a plan that helps ensure you get to socialize with other adults, too.

Instead of a bright and early punching of the proverbial 'time card', you’ll have the ability to schedule your work when you choose – even if that means rolling out of bed at 9 AM and working for 2 hours before you take an equally long break.

And as you can see, this is all leading up to a friendly word of caution – if you get too lax in your work schedule, you will see it reflect in your income.  Online work is pretty simple when it comes to formulating your payoff.

The more that you apply yourself and the more that you work on, then inevitably, the more income streams you set up, the higher the payoff.   Slack during your day and you will see that your bank deposits will, too.

While you’re not going to have water cooler gossip, as I mentioned in my opening article, you can become quickly addicted to online forums.  The Internet is ripe with people looking to speak out against others simply because it’s a nameless, faceless form of communication.  Be useful and positive with your time as much as you can - try not to allow any online negativity weigh you down and distract you.  Much like the television, online forums can drain you quickly of your energy and cause your moods and emotions to swing unnecessarily.

When it comes to whether or not you get a raise – that may be a non issue, but you have to consider that the entire paycheck is up to you, as well.  There is a simple and obvious formula: If you want to make more, work more!  

If you wish to continue reading on this and building upon your next steps in moving toward working for yourself online, please go to Part 3, Believe In Your Ability to Succeed.

In writing this, I have not meant to dissuade you from working at home.  In fact, it’s perhaps the most rewarding career someone can have these days.  Whatever you do, you need to steer clear of going into it thinking and believing that it’s not truly a real job – because ultimately, you have to treat it like one in order to succeed.

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